The chair of pedagogics and rehabilitation for people who are deaf and hard of hearing (Audiopedagogics) is part of the department for special education and rehabilitation at the University of Cologne.

The main focus of our research is pedagogical audiology in general and speech development in children who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as aural rehabilitation in adults with acquired hearing loss. Important issues in this context are the improvement of hearing screenings, care and support for hearing-impaired people, research about hearing aids, cochlear implants and alternative and augmentative communication for hearing impaired people with additional needs.

We are especially engaged in the improvement of communication between the various professionals who deal with diagnosis, care, treatment and support for hearing-impaired children and adults over the entire life span (e.g. pedagocis, audiology, medicine, (pedagogical) acoustics, speech therapy).

Current research projects focus on:

Early detection of progressive and late-onset hearing loss in children.

Alternative and augementative communication (AAC) for hearing-impaired children with additional disabilities.

Implementation of unaided AAC (e.g. signing) in institutions for children and adults with disabilities (but without hearing loss).