CareResearchLab Cologne

The CareResearchLab Cologne (CRLC) is the health services research laboratory at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR). This unique research infrastructure allows health services research scientists to apply innovative research methods and to efficiently generate knowledge.

The CRLC includes the components video analysis laboratory and electronic data collection platform. If you are interested, you can reach us at

Note: special conditions apply to member institutions of the Center for Health Services Research Cologne (ZVFK).

Video analysis laboratory

The CLRC’s video analysis laboratory serves the purpose of implementing experimental and qualitative health care studies in the field of behavioural science. This new field of studies dedicates itself to investigating interaction and group processes in health care.

Examples of such processes include:

  • patient-doctor interaction
  • patient-carer interaction
  • employee-manager interaction
  • work team interaction
  • peer group interaction

The state-of-the-art equipment includes an examination room, a mirror wall, an analysis and observation room, cameras, microphones as well as modern software to transcribe, encode, manage and archive the data material.

Electronic data collection platform

The platform offers efficient hardware and software to compile and record questionnaires. Filled-in questionnaires are automatically and efficiently read, analysed and classified, so that quality-tested raw data is available for further processing in statistical programmes.