Core Themes
Research fields Core Themes

The ZVFK possesses considerable scientific-methodical competence in dealing with issues relating to health services research. The successful networking between ZVFK member institutions and with the ZVFK office safeguards empirical-methodical expertise in the areas of Health Economy, Medical Statistics and Data Processing, Health Services Epidemiology, Quality Management and the development of questionnaires and key figures. Furthermore, the ZVFK has excellent experience in the design, implementation and subsequent evaluation of family, patient, colleague and referral questionnaires as well as observational and field studies. Secondary data compilation and evaluation based on Statutory Medical Insurance data and the development and research of guidelines fall within the remit of the ZVFK. Given the incorporation of human science research establishments within the ZVFK, educational, psychological and social science aspects of occupational rehabilitation as well as psychological communication and media issues and methods used in the processing of issues relevant to health services research can also be integrated.

The core ZVFK themes relating to disorders and specialist areas focus primarily on research into chronic, epidemiologically relevant diseases, essentially cardiovascular disorders, Diabetes Mellitus, cancer and psychological-psychiatric disorders.

Members of the vast ZVFK General medicine and Palliative medicine networks grant access to elderly patients with multimorbidities as well as the terminally ill. The center's particular strength also lies in co-operation between clinical and public health research. To this end, the ZVFK can also call on the high-performing Cologne Center for Clinical Trials (ZKS Köln). A further characteristic is the consequential focus on the aspect of implementing clinical concepts in hospitals and medical practices. The ability of the participating institutions to develop methodology and organizational strategies and collaborate with the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne should ideally be used for this purpose.

Methodical skills of the ZVFK

  • Design and implementation of questionnaires for family, patients, disabled people, colleagues and referrals as well as observational and field studies.
  • Questionnaires/investigations on individual, organizational and network levels
  • Secondary data collection and evaluation based on Statutory Health Insurance data
  • Development and evaluation of questionnaires and key figures
  • Development and research of guidelines
  • Highly empirical-methodical expertise in the areas of Health Economy, Medical Statistics and Data Processing, Health Service Epidemiology and Quality Management
  • Support in the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of clinical trials with emphasis on health services research

ZVFK core themes relating to disorders and specialist areas

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Cancer
  • Psychological/psychiatric disorders
  • Palliative Medicine (terminally ill patients)
  • Disorders following multiple traumas (seriously injured patients)
  • General medicine ("widespread diseases", age-related disorders, multimorbidities)
  • Work and health
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Geriatrics / Gerontology