PMV forschungsgruppe at the Department of Child and Adolescents Psychiatry
(Leadership: Dr. Ingrid Schubert)

PMV forschungsgruppe

Since 1994, PMV forschungsgruppe (health services research group) is hosted at the University of Cologne. PMV’s interdisciplinary team includes epidemiologists, physicians, pharmacists, statisticians, sociologists and computer scientists. The research group’s main areas of expertise are:

  • Health services research
  • Evaluation
  • Secondary data analysis

Among the core assets of the group are methodologies, processes and software tools for building up trans-sectoral databases of claims data (both from German statutory health insurances and data owners in other European member states), for planning and conducting descriptive and analytical studies based on those data, as well as for the reporting of results in different formats. Members of the research team were and are strongly involved in the development of methodologies, good practices and guidelines for claims data analysis. Examples include the German handbook on routine data analysis (Swart, Ihle, Gothe, Matusiewicz. Routinedaten im Gesundheitswesen. 2014) and the German Good Practices on secondary data analysis (Gute Praxis Sekundärdatenanalyse, 2012) and on data linkage (Gute Praxis Datenlinkage, forthcoming).

Projects and studies of PMV forschungsgruppe are done in the fields of:

  • Epidemiology: assessment of disease prevalences, incidences, and disease trajectories
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance
  • Palliative care
  • Quality of care, treatment guidelines and care pathway development
  • Cost-of-illness studies and cost-benefit analysis
  • Methodological studies on disease severity, internal validation of cases with certain diseases, adherence
  • Evaluation of innovative models of care, esp. integrated care

Studies are financed by state and federal ministries, the European Commission, statutory health insurances, federal medical and federal pharmaceutical organization, foundations and pharmaceutical industry.

PMV forschungsgruppe is involved in the Cologne Research Network (CoRe-Net) with responsibility for the setup and management of the CoRe-Net database and for routine data analysis in two subprojects (LYOL-C and MenDis). Besides, PMV is partner in several ongoing research projects funded by the German Innovationsfonds (ADAM, APVEL, EVIDERA, INTEGRAL, Dent@Prevent), with further projects starting next year (GestaDiNa, ReVasc, K-APAT).

You can find further information online at (currently in German only).

You can also follow PMV on Twitter: @PMVforschung