ZVFK - Center for Health Services Research Cologne
The ZVFK ZVFK - Center for Health Services Research Cologne

The ZVFK Köln (Center for Health Services Research Cologne) is a health services research network for institutions of the Faculty of Medicine and of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Cologne. The purpose of this cross-faculty cooperation is to develop and establish, in the long term, joint interdisciplinary health services research. By clustering the very diverse expertise of both faculties, the goal is to implement efficient health services research, combining fundamental and applied systems. An important target in this context is the scientific study of the relative effectiveness of treatment and care methods, procedures, guidelines and complex strategies in the field of health and care (e.g. hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and institutions for the disabled). The Center’s model is ‟Learning to Care”. In the institutions involved, the activities aim in the long term to contribute towards turning health care and care of the ill into a learning system, which is capable of continually improving patient orientation, quality and efficiency.

One of the objectives of the Center is to describe and explain the reality of health care. Based on this, the goal is to develop and scientifically evaluate realistic and effective measures towards implementing care concepts.

The ZVFK boasts years of major scientific and methodological competence in dealing with issues relevant to health services research. Successful networking between the currently eighteen ZVFK member institutions, and close cooperation with the ZVFK Head Office guarantee a high level of empirical and methodological expertise in the fields of health economics, medical statistics, secondary data analysis, media psychology and rehabilitation sciences, to name but a few. Beyond this, the ZVFK has considerable experience in conceiving, implementing and evaluating surveys featuring dependants, patients/clients, employees and admittance staff as well as observational and field studies. The ZVFK’s range of services further includes the analysis of routine statutory health insurance data and research into the implementation of innovative care concepts.

The central priorities of the ZVFK Head Office are:

  • organising events relevant to health services research
  • method consulting for health services research studies
  • providing a research infrastructure (CareResearchLab Cologne)
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