ZVFK - Center for Health Services Research Cologne
The ZVFK ZVFK - Center for Health Services Research Cologne

The ZVFK is a health services research network for establishments within the Faculty of Medicine and Human Sciences Faculty at Cologne University. The purpose of cooperation between faculties is to build on and establish common, interdisciplinary health services research in the long term. By combining various competencies from both faculties, the primary target is achieved, namely to provide high-quality health services research based on principle and application. A key target with this approach is the scientific investigation of the relative effectiveness of treatment and health services methods, procedures, guidelines and complex strategies in matters relating to health and health services (e.g. hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and facilities for the disabled). The mission of the center is "learning all about health services“. In the long-term, the activities of participating establishments should help to transform health and the treatment of disease into a learning system capable of continuously improving patient direction, quality and economic aspects.

One of the center's roles is to describe and explain the reality of health services. Building on this, realistic and effective procedures for implementing health services concepts should be developed and assessed from a scientific perspective.

The ZVFK already has many years of highly scientific and methodical expertise in processing issues relevant to health services research. Successful networking between the current fifteen ZVFK member institutions and the close collaboration with the ZVFK office guarantees a high level of empirical-methodical expertise in areas such as Health Economy, Medical Statistics, Secondary Data Analysis, Psychological Media and Rehabilitation Sciences to name but a few. Furthermore, the ZVFK has excellent experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of family, patient/client, colleague and referral questionnaires as well as in observational and field studies. Moreover, the analysis of GKV routine data and research into the implementation of guidelines are within the performance remit of the ZVFK.

The ZVFK Office has five central functions to perform, especially for member establishments:

  1. Regular monitoring of the ZVFK website (in-house and external platform);
  2. Compilation of a ZVFK report, which is published every two years (in-house and external platform);
  3. Preparation of an infrastructure to organize health services research workshops (networking & platform in-house and externally);
  4. Implementation of method surgeries for health services research
  5. Preparation of telephone services and a Care Research Lab to carry out health services research experiments and a tool to conduct online surveys
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