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About the center


Key facts:

  • Founded at the Faculty of Medicine in 2001
  • Expansion to research institutions at the Faculty of Human Sciences in 2011
  • Expansion to research institutions at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences in 2021
  • Currently 25 member institutions
  • Conception, implementation and evaluation of innovative health care research projects
  • Platform for interdisciplinary cooperation at the University of Cologne
  • Scientific training, networking and promotion of young researchers

The close cooperation of the various member institutions and researchers associated with them enables a multidisciplinary research and cooperation community that is unique in Germany.
The center and its member institutions have long-standing and outstanding scientific-methodical competence in addressing questions relevant to health care research. The successful networking of the member institutions and their close cooperation with the center office ensure excellent empirical-methodical expertise. Furthermore, the center and its associated member facilities combine extensive experience in the conception, implementation and evaluation of health care innovations. The focus areas include:

  • Conception and research for the implementation of innovative care concepts in standard care and the daily routine in clinics and practices
  • Surveys of different stakeholders (patients, relatives, clients, employees and service providers)
  • Collection of primary data and analysis of primary, secondary and health insurance data

Here one can find information about our member institutions and their research.